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Alston Observatory weekend 2010

22nd March 2010

The annual Alston Observatory weekend took place on March 12-14 2010. Despite the overcast weather, students enjoyed the astronomy activities, talks and interaction with other students and Course Team staff.

A very friendly bunch of 20 distance learning students currently working towards their University Certificates (AA1051, AA1053 and AA1058) descended onto Alston Observatory, for the annual optional weekend.

The activities included group work on coordinates and magnitudes, analysis of spectra, galaxy classification, stellar evolution and solar data analysis. We had a planetarium session and talks on 'Exploding Stars' and 'The Sun: living with our star'.

Unfortunately the weather prevented us from observing, apart from a short clear spell on Saturday evening and a quick view of a sunspot on Sunday. But this did not deter the students from having a productive and fun weekend.

The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to the 2011 weekend!!

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