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Dr Barbara Hassall - deputy course leader

Dr Barbara Hassall

Job Title: Course Leader

Barbara is currently Course Leader for the distance learning programme. She has contributed to most of the modules, (authoring or editing) and developed many of the support systems we operate to help students through their studies. She also teaches on several of the modules, particularly at level 6.

Dr Anne Sansom

Job Title: Senior Lecturer

Anne studies the chemical evolution of galaxies, with the ultimate aim of understanding how galaxies form and develop. This requires expertise in spectroscopy in order to extract information about the elements present in the galaxies she observes. This comes to the fore in the topics she supervises in Origins and Collaborative Investigations. Anne is also module tutor for Energy Matter and the Universe and UVOIR.

Dr Silvia Dalla - solar physicist

Dr Silvia Dalla

Job Title: Senior Lecturer

Trained as a plasma physicist with experience at Imperial College and JET, Silvia has research interests in Solar Physics. She studies solar flares and the energetic particles they generate, as well as the Sun's magnetic field as it emerges from the photosphere. She is currently module leader for Sun, Earth & Climate and Solar Astrophysics.

Dr Roger Clowes

Job Title: Reader

Roger has research interests in cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics. Particular emphases are the large-scale structure of the early universe and the environments of quasars. With collaborator Luis Campusano (Univ. de Chile) he discovered the largest structure known in the early universe. He is module tutor for Introduction to Cosmology and Relativity and Cosmology.

Dr Kate Pattle

Job Title: Research Associate

Kate's research area is Star Formation. She has been one of the markers for the Distance Learning Programme for several years. Now she is taking over as module tutor for Introduction to Astronomy.

Dr Paul Marston

Dr Paul Marston

Job Title: Senior Lecturer

With a background in mathematics and statistics, Paul also has a long standing interest in the history and philosophy of science. He has had several books and pamphlets published on historical figures in science, with a particular interest in Jeremiah Horrocks and William Hershel. He teaches Great Astronomers in History, an extract from his face-to-face modules Copernican Revolution and Darwinian Revolution.

Dr Jason Kirk

Job Title: Senior lecturer

Jason is a member of the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute's Stellar Astrophysics group. His particular research interest is Observational Star Formation. He is module tutor for Exploring the Solar System

Dr Dan Holdsworth

Job Title: Research Associate

Dan is working with Prof Don Kurtz on Pulsating stars, a field that has been transformed by the advent of data from the Kepler mission. He is module tutor for Solar-Stellar Connection.

Dr Alex Dunhill

Job Title: Research Associate

He works with Dr Dimitris Stamatellos as a member of the Theoretical Star Formation and Exoplanets Group on various aspects of accretion disc physics, focussing on the interactions between discs and binaries or planetary systems across astrophysical contexts. He is interested in both how discs can affect the dynamical evolution of the system, and how these effects might be observed. he is also a part of the Millenium ALMA Disc (MAD) Nucleus, helping to search for forming planets in protoplanetary discs. He is module tutor for Investigations in Astronomy.