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Montage of images taken by Mario Vecchi - 23rd June 2010



Mario is an astronomy distance learning student, currently taking the Certificate for Introduction to Astronomy. He is a keen observer and has produced an excellent montage of some of his own images, ranging from a backyard to globular clusters. Below Mario describes the techniques he used to get these images.


OK, here's my montage of images that I've taken from my backyard here in Brisbane. Not all these images have been posted during the year but they are all taken through the same equipment. Details of the images are as follows:

Telescope: 8" reflector with a focal length of 1200mm (sorry for mixing my units!)

Mount: The Moon and Jupiter were taken on a Dobsonian mount while the others were taken using an HEQ5 Pro mount (motor driven equatorial mount).

Camera: All the photos were taken using a Pentax Km (K2000 in some countries) DSLR. All images had Raw and JPEG's taken.

Exposures: All photos were taken using an ISO setting of 800. Most exposures, except for the Moon, were around the 30 second duration mark and multiple images were stacked together. In camera noise reduction was used to remove sensor noise present in long exposures.

Software: Stacking of images were done using DSS (Deep Sky Stacker) or Registax5, both free processing packages. Any deconvolution (Saturn) was done using another free program, Cadet. Image processing was done in Photoshop CS2.

Well that's about it, I hope people enjoyed my submissions to this thread - I certainly enjoyed posting mine and seeing what others produced.

Mario Vecchi



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