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Induction Checklist July-October 2019

This is for New and Progressing students.

Induction checklist

  1. Module visibility on Blackboard. Progressing students have continuous access to their elearn modules from previous year.
  2. Start July. New Blackboard module space made available to students with induction information, draft schedules, advance reading etc. The module spaces will be visible from students' elearn login Students also have access to the Astronomy Distance Learning Space on Blackboard, for course-wide notices and Student Handbook.
  3. End July. Progressing students will receive an email inviting them to enrol online on MyUCLan using UCLan UserID and Password.
  4. On-line enrolment for new and progressing students opens approximately 4 August. Students will be sent automatic weekly emails by Enrolment Management until they enrol.
  5. Online enrolment changes enrolment status to EN and triggers MyUCLan to create Fees page.
  6. Students can pay module fees online now, or wait until October, when the University issues invoices. It is no longer necessary to email the Transaction ID to Queries about payments should be directed to
  7. The Module Start date will be 23 September 2019. On this date the learning materials will be released on Blackboard to students and the Module Tutor will monitor the Module discussion forums. Students will receive a welcome email to their personal email account.