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Spring 2018 JHI Lecture - Comets Asteroids and Impacts

15th May 2018

Image for posterThe next in the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute's series of Seasonal Lectures will be by Dr Robin Catchpole Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.

It will take place at 6:30pm on 15 May 2018, in the Darwin Lecture Theatre at the University of Central Lancashire.

This event is free. Bookings via Eventbrite website below.
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Comets, Asteroids and Impacts. Should we worry and what can we do?

Look up at the night sky for a while and you will see a streak of light, as a meteor, the size of a grain of sand, burns up in our atmosphere. On average, every 5000 years an object, large enough to make a crater 1 km in diameter, strikes the Earth. We will look at past impacts, including that of 1906, that demolished 40 million trees, which may be related to even larger events within the last 10000 years. We will examine the origin of these impacts and see what we are doing to predict and prevent them.

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