Module Availability

Some modules, particularly the Introduction to Astronomy, run every year, but others at HE levels 4, 5 and 6 are offered according to a rota. We endeavour to ensure that all our students have modules to which they may progress, but they will need to consult this module availability for planning their future studies.

The module availability for 2024/25 is now available .  The running of modules is subject to adequate recruitment each year.

Our next planned review of the module availability will be in February 2025. 

Code Module Name Option Level Credits 2022/23 2023/24 2024/25 2025/26 2026/27
AA1051 Introduction to Astronomy Compulsory 4 20 donedonedonedonedone
AA1053 Introduction to Cosmology Option 4 20 donedonedone??
AA1054 Physics for Astronomy Compulsory 4 20 clearclearclear??
AA1055 IT for Astronomy Option 4 20 donecleardone??
AA1057 Investigations in Astronomy Option 4 20 cleardoneclear??
AA1058 Sun, Earth and Climate Option 4 20 cleardoneclear??
AA1059 Introduction to Astrobiology Option 4 20 donecleardonecleardone
AA1062 Mathematics for Astronomy Compulsory 4 20 clearcleardone??
AA2051 The Milky Way Option 5 20 cleardoneclear??
AA2052 Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way Option 5 20 done?done?done
AA2053 UV, Optical and IR Astronomy Option 5 20 donecleardone??
AA2054 Exploring the Solar System Option 5 20 cleardoneclear??
AA2055 Solar Astrophysics Option 5 20 donecleardone??
AA2056 Solar-Stellar Connection Option 5 20 cleardonecleardone?
AA3050 Astronomy Dissertation Compulsory 6 20 donedonedonedonedone
AA3051 Origins Option 6 20 donecleardone??
AA3053 Cosmology and Relativity Compulsory 6 20 donecleardone??
AA3055 Astronomical Computing Option 6 20 clearclearclear??
AA3056 Extreme States of Matter Compulsory 6 20 cleardoneclear??
AA3057 Collaborative Investigation Compulsory 6 20 cleardoneclear?clear


done Module Running

clear Module Not Running

done Only if Completed Prerequisite

? Not Running - To be Reviewed Later

? Running - To be Reviewed Later