Module Fees

All astronomy distance learning modules are standard modules with 20 national credits. Details of the University’s Tuition Fee policy, including refunds in case of withdrawal or suspension of studies can be found here.

The module fee does not depend on the module or on the target award (eg BSc (Hons) or University Certificate). However, it does depend on whether the student is classed as a new student or as a continuing student.

New Students


A new student is any student who is starting a new award.

This fee applies for all new (Home, EU and International) students starting any Astronomy Distance Learning award in the new academic year, and is lower than the University’s standard fee for Part Time Distance Learning students.


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Continuing Students


A continuing student is any student who is continuing on the same award in the new academic year as they were on in the previous academic year.

A continuing student will pay the same rate as in the current academic year, subject to any applicable inflationary increase. The exact fee depends on the initial year of registration on their current award.

Contact course team for details.

The Course Team has endeavoured to keep its part-time distance learning courses at an affordable level, despite the introduction of fees of roughly £9000 per year for full time undergraduates. We note, for information, that this would correspond to £1500 per module.


Students in receipt of the UK state retirement pension are eligible for a 50% reduction in the module fee (see Appendix 1 in the  UCLan Tuition Fee policy document)

Regrettably UCLan is no longer able to offer a fee waiver for UK students in receipt of certain benefits.