Cosmology and Relativity

Module Code: AA3053

Module Tutor: Roger Clowes & Tim Cawthorne

Next Run Date: Sep 2020

Module Credits: 20

You will build upon the introduction to cosmology provided by AA1053, by adopting a more mathematical approach to cosmology and relativity. You will be presented with the essentials of the subject, emphasising the underlying physics and the observational consequences.

Recommended Text Book(s)

The main book for the cosmology part of the course is:

Introduction to Cosmology, Barbara Ryden 2003, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0805389121

The following books are a bit below the level of the course but is available from UCLan library as an electronic resource.

Liddle, A., 2003, An Introduction to Modern Cosmology, 2Rev  edition, Wiley, ISBN-13: 978-0470848357 ; ISBN-10: 0470848359, £19..99. (First edition is out of date and no longer suitable).

French, A. P., 1968, Special Relativity, Norton, ISBN-13: 978-0748764228 ; ISBN-10: 0748764224, £31.99.