Energy, Matter and the Universe

Module Code: AA1056

Module Tutor: Course team

Next Run Date: Sep 2021

Module Credits: 20

You will acquire a quantitative understanding of the physical and mathematical concepts underlying astrophysical processes and a foundation for study at Levels 5 and 6  in astronomy.

You will cover fundamental physical forces, equations of motion, elementary particles and the electromagnetic nature of light. Appropriate mathematics, such as vectors, trigonometry and calculus, are introduced as the topics require.

Recommended Text Book(s)

Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Extended Version, 6th edition, 2008, Paul A. Tipler and Gene Mosca, W.H.Freeman & Co Ltd; ISBN-13: 978-1429202657, ISBN 10: 1429202653 Hardback £41.99. (Be sure to get the Extended Version with 41 chapters plus appendices.)

Some students may wish to purchase a Maths textbook for further examples. We suggest:

Engineering Mathematics 6th edition,  2007, K.A. Stroud & Dexter Booth, Palgrave Publishers Ltd, ISBN-13: 978-1403942463 ISBN-10: 1403942463, £37.99.