Introduction to Cosmology

Module Code: AA1053

Module Tutor: Roger Clowes

Next Run Date: Sep 2020

Module Credits: 20

This module begins to explain how the Universe began and subsequently developed to its present observed form. You will learn how the Big Bang created all elementary particles, about processes that led to the formation of today’s galaxies, galaxy clusters and larger-scale structures, and how we can probe the cosmological history of the Universe.

Assessments include a researched essay  and questions sheets containing a mix of problems requiring maths and explanations.

Recommended Text Book(s)

Hawley J.F. and K. A. Holcomb K.A.2nd Edition, (2005) Foundations of Modern Cosmology OUP, ISBN-13: 978-0-19-853096-1; ISBN 019853096X.

Harrison, E., 2000, Cosmology, 2nd ed, Cambridge University Press. ISBN-13: 9780521661485 ; ISBN-10: 052166148X.