Physics for Astronomy

Module Code: AA1054

Module Tutor: TBC

Next Run Date: Sep 2025

Module Credits: 20

This module is intended to give students a comprehensive grounding in the fundamental physics of the Universe, covering topics and techniques that are required for study at BSc level in level 5 and level 6 modules. It is compulsory for the BSc(Hons).

The module will help students gain an understanding of physical laws and concepts as applied to the Universe, and provide the opportunity to develop skills and techniques used in astronomy (including mathematical skills), which have wider applications (e.g. mathematical problem solving). It will enable students to solve elementary problems in physics and to use independent judgement and extrapolation /synthesis of concepts to solve more open-ended problems in astronomy.

Recommended Text Book(s)

Recommended textbook:

Halliday, David., Walker, Jearl. and Resnick, Robert. (2014) Principles of physics. Tenth edition. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. ISBN : 1118230744, ISBN : 9781118230749