Solar Astrophysics

Module Code: AA2055

Module Tutor: Silvia Dalla & Aimilia Smyrli

Next Run Date: Sep 2020

Module Credits: 20

Solar Astrophysics provides a broad introduction to the subject, involving a mixture of theoretical and observational approaches to demonstrate and explain various solar phenomena. You will learn about the overall structure of the sun, including the use of solar neutrinos and helioseismology to probe its interior, the importance of the magnetic field in determining its surface features and the problem of coronal heating.

You will also develop astronomy subject skills such as data analysis, use of imaging techniques and the preparation of scientific reports.

Recommended Text Book(s)

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Sun, Lang, K.R., 2001, Cambridge University Press.  ISBN-13: 9780521780933 ; ISBN-10: 0521780934, £38.00.