Solar-Stellar Connection

Module Code: AA2056

Module Tutor: Daniel Holdsworth

Next Run Date: Sep 2025

Module Credits: 20

You will build upon the stellar astronomy and astrophysics covered in AA1051 or equivalent and your level-5 study of the Sun (AA2055). You will study the links between solar astrophysics and a range of stellar phenomena and topics in stellar astrophysics. You will explore in detail the evolution of sun-like stars from their formation to their endpoints as white dwarfs.

The emphasis throughout this module is on taking the detailed case study of the Sun and setting it in the wider context of solar-like and other stars, showing their similarities and differences.

Recommended Text Book(s)

Universe, 11th edition by R. Geller, R.A.Freedman, W.J. Kaufmann III and ;  W H Freeman, 2019;
ISBN-13: 978-1319248642

UCLan has investigated obtaining this as an electronic resource for its library. The ebook is only available to individual licences; UCLan will not be able to provide it as an electronic resource.