Sun, Earth and Climate

Module Code: AA1058

Module Tutor: Timo Laitinen

Next Run Date: Sep 2025

Module Credits: 20

Starting with an exploration of the Sun, Earth and Climate as complex systems, this module then looks at the interactions that cause them to be interlinked. You will study developments on astronomical, geological, historical and annual time scales and gain an understanding of the context of such matters as climate change and space weather. Practical exercises extend this understanding and develop appropriate scientific skills.

Recommended Text Book(s)

There is no single book that covers all the topics. Students who have studied AA1051, Introduction to Astronomy may find useful chapters on the Earth and Sun in the recommended text for that module.

Universe, 11th edition by R. Geller, R.A.Freedman, W.J. Kaufmann III and ;  W H Freeman, 2019;
ISBN-13: 978-1319248642

UCLan has investigated obtaining this as an electronic resource for its library. The ebook is only available to individual licences; UCLan will not be able to provide it as an electronic resource.