The Milky Way

Module Code: AA2051

Module Tutor: Victor Debattista

Next Run Date: Sep 2025

Module Credits: 20

You will build upon what you learnt about stars and our Galaxy in AA1051 Introduction to Astronomy to develop a broad understanding of The Milky Way. You will learn about observations of the overall structure of the Galaxy in which we live, concluding with the black hole at its centre. You will also gain an overview of many of the processes that are responsible for shaping the content of the Galaxy and guiding its evolution over time. Assessments include a researched essay and question sheets involving problem-solving and explanations.

Recommended Text Book(s)

Galaxies in the Universe 2nd edition, Linda S. Sparke, John S. Gallagher III, 2007, Cambridge University Press,  ISBN-13 987-0521671866 ; ISBN-10 0521671868 (£35 in paperback).