Introduction to Astronomy

Module Code: AA1051

Module Tutor: Megan Argo

Next Run Date: Sep 2024

Module Credits: 20

In this module you will study both observational and theoretical aspects of astronomy, including the night sky, telescopes, stars, stellar lifetimes and energy sources, galaxies and cosmology. You do not need to have your own telescope or binoculars to complete this module.

This is the module we use to introduce students to the central ideas of astronomy at first year university level. It takes a quantitative scientific approach and you will need to use maths to solve problems from the outset.

Due the Covid-19 situation it will not be possible to run the normal weekend at the University’s Alston Observatory in early 2021. We are looking in the possibilities of online activities instead.


Recommended Text Book(s)

Universe, 11th edition by R. Geller, R.A.Freedman, W.J. Kaufmann III and ;  W H Freeman, 2019;
ISBN-13: 978-1319248642

UCLan has investigated obtaining this as an electronic resource for its library. The ebook is only available to individual licences; UCLan will not be able to provide it as an electronic resource.